About us
About us

Kopra-Trans OÜ was founded in August 2000 as a company providing international road carriage of goods. Derived from the needs of the potential clients, it started with the provision of transport services for goods between Estonia and Finland, the car park consisted of one truck and one van at the beginning. Until the beginning of 2006, the transport was performed with trucks and vans.


Ensuing from the volume of the cargo and constant increase of the customers, it was decided in 2006 to considerably expand the field of activity and start offering transport service also with tent semi-trailers with full and partial cargo. According to the need, we constantly renew and supplement our car park. Thank to the vehicles with various cargo capacity, it is possible to offer transport service of cargo of various extent, customs services have also been added. Since 2008, we offer our clients also warehouse terminal services due to which haulage service was added as well.


In comparison with other transportation companies, we have our distinctive feature. Namely – as the necessity for a transport service may occur very suddenly, we are prepared to offer the clients charter trips to Europe. Among peculiar destinations where we have delivered goods fast, we would point out Las Palmas on the Canary Islands and various cities in Spain, Montenegro, Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Italy, and many other interesting destinations.


Regular services take place on the following routes:


Tallinn – Helsinki - Tallinn,

Tallinn - Riga - Tallinn,

Tallinn - Vilnius - Tallinn,

Tallinn - Stockholm - Tallinn.


At transport, we use curtainsided trailers, trucks, vans with a rear lift, also trucks with centre-axle trailers with the capacity of 38 EUR-pallets. For the transport of goods requiring special requirements, we are prepared to acquire the cargo vehicle adapted to the client’s needs.

Our vehicles and trailers are insured, in addition all of them have also CMR insurance.

All procedures are performed according to the general conditions of the Estonian Freight Forwarders Association, Incoterms 2000, and CMR Convention.




* international transport in Scandinavia, Baltic States – luggage transport, partial cargo, full cargo;

* haulage service – EST, FIN ,LV, LT;

* international transport, partial and full cargo - Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Åland;

* temperature goods, hazardous loads;

* stock services - storage, packing, completion;

* terminal services – sorting and reloading of goods;

* customs services;

* goods charter services on road transport.


All above-mentioned procedures are ensured by a uniformly operating team that guarantees a proper, smooth work and, if necessary, an operative action, we always try to find the solution for the client’s transportation problems being thereby flexible and open for negotiation.


We are a phone-call away!


NB! At our home page, you will also find a format for a price enquiry and a contract for a single carriage of goods.

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